The Boob’s Going Public

The Boob’s Going Public

Don’t worry, I won’t be flashing strangers on the streets, as amusing as that sounds, but I have decided to make this blog public so that other young women going through this might find a helpful resource.

I will still post updates, but I also hope to step up the informative posts that will not only let friends and family into my world, but will also help others who are also fighting this stupid disease.

From what to do when first hit with the shocking blow of diagnosis to how to create darn-good imitation eyebrows, I hope to shed some light on the crazy world that is breast cancer for anyone who would like to or who may need to take a closer look.

Friends and family, please don’t stop leaving comments; I love them 🙂

New visitors, feel free to comment on or request any information that you would like.  Welcome!

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