The Boob Update (Abridged)

The Boob Update (Abridged)

Yeah, it’s been awhile, so there is quite a bit to tell.   For now, here’s an abridged version of my boob update, and I’ll write some more detailed posts soon!

1.  Chemo blows, but I’m almost done.  I have my last treatment next Friday, which means only a few more weeks of random spells of nausea, having the energy of a sloth, dealing with a brain full of fog, and things tasting really weird a lot of the time.

2.  OK, so I was being a bit dramatic in #1 because I’ve managed to start school, and despite a few hang-ups – did I mention hot flashes? – it’s actually going pretty well.  My new colleagues are super supportive, I am teaching classes with which I am familiar, and I am confident it will be a good year.

3. I got a sweet new wig:

Yes, those are margarita fixings in the background.  So, it really isn't THAT bad!

Yes, those are margarita fixings in the background. So, it really isn’t THAT bad!

4.  I will have my double mastectomy the week of September 23rd (still working out the schedule between my breast surgeon and plastic surgeon), and I will also begin the reconstruction process at that time.  I will post more about surgery soon.

5. So, it turns out that boobs can be a lot like hair when it comes to this whole cancer thing; you get to go shopping.  I’ve always liked Sarah Jessica Parker’s:

Sarah J P 1


Any other suggestions?

6. Although I have not had an MRI since my last one, my oncologist and I can feel that the tumor is still shrinking.  I will have another MRI within the next few weeks to officially confirm that the bitch is going down.

More details to come soon!


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