How to Replace Eyebrows with Makeup!

How to Replace Eyebrows with Makeup!

Yes, it’s true, my brows are no more.  I still have some sweet tan lines where they used to be, and I know that many of you are quite jealous of that.  Being someone who never normally wore makeup prior to chemo, I’d like to share some surprisingly easy tips that really helped me create the illusion of eyebrows.


Here are the supplies that you will need in the order that you will use them.

1.  A good, angled eyebrow brush like this one:

Brow Brush


2.  Translucent powder

3. Brown and dark brown eye shadow – you will mix them, as brown tends to be too light for most people, and dark brown is too dark

4. A good brown/black eyebrow pencil and sharpener

5. Matte makeup sealer like this brow sealer from Bald Girls Do Lunch (AWESOME resource!):



If possible, practice going over your eyebrows with your eye shadow and a brush BEFORE your eyebrows completely fall out so that you can develop a natural idea of where they are supposed to be.  If they’ve already fallen out, chances are you have some very sexy tan lines that you can use as guides.  If you are lacking both brows and tan lines, don’t worry, the steps are still very easy to follow!

Once you have your supplies, follow this incredibly helpful video!  I really can’t take any credit for knowing how to create eyebrows out of makeup other than finding this great video and sharing it with you now.  Thanks to Carly’s EyelineHer blog, I now not only look like I have eyebrows, but I also feel a heck of a lot more confident than I did when they first started falling out.  I hope that you too find her video as helpful as I did!

At first, I didn’t think I’d be able to freehand the shape of eyebrows, but as Carly so beautifully points out in her video, eyebrows are not perfect!  (This is my new mantra, by the way, each time I find myself wanting to fuss over my makeup!)  I can now put them on pretty easily.

If freehand brows are too much to handle, try eyebrow stencils or a stencil mask.

Click on the photo to check out a tutorial from WonderHowTo.comuse-eyebrow-stencils.w654


Please post comments if you have any other tips or product leads.  Please also post your favorite makeup brushes, pencils, and powders.  I am still trying to narrow down products that I like, so I know that any recommendations will help me and others in need of makeup tips!


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