Farewell, Boob. Hello, Sarah Jessica Parker!

Farewell, Boob. Hello, Sarah Jessica Parker!

The boob countdown begins; in eight days, the Boob and her partner, the Other Boob, will say goodbye to me and say hello to Dr. Brew and life after a mastectomy.  I’m sure they’re off to a lovely place where post-mastectomy boobs are free to roam lush fuzzy-bunny-inhabited, wild-flower-speckled valleys with clear trickling streams and rainbows.

And, I will be on my way to a fabulous pair of these



Shoot, maybe I’ll even treat myself to the dress.

For more information on what a bilateral mastectomy entails, here are some useful links:

BreastCancer.org – Mastectomy

John Hopkins Medicine – Mastectomy defined and an animation of the procedure (yeah, I haven’t watched this yet, as I’m thinking it may freak me out. . .)

Dr. Brew will start with the preventative mastectomy by removing the Other Boob, and then she’ll move on to the Boob.  At that point, Dr. Mouchantat – I met with three plastic surgeons, and he was the only to entertain my Sarah Jessica Parker fantasy and also present a new “Gummy Bear” implant design option, so he’s my boob architect – will start reconstructing my new boobs by placing tissue expanders between my peck muscles and ribs where my implants will eventually reside.

Here’s what an expander looks like.  The round dark part is a port where Dr. Mouchantat’s team will inject saline every couple of weeks until my new boobs are Sarah Jessica Parker perfect.  The port will be under by skin, so the lovely, not-at-all-scary needle will go through my breast and into the port.  Yay.

expander 2


After expansion, I will have another surgery to place my permanent implants.  I have the option of new form-stable “Gummy Bear” implants or traditional round silicone implants.



I am going to have to do some more research, as the Gummy Bear implants are very new, and there are mixed reviews:

FDA Approves New Breast Implants

FDA Approves New “Gummy Bear Implants”. . .Surgeon Urges Caution

ABC News:  ‘Gummy Bear’ Breast Implants: The Furture of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

CBS News: FDA Approves New “Gummy Bear” Silicone Breast Implant

What do you think?  Cast your implant vote as a comment today!  (So fun!)

This may all change if I have to have radiation.  Dr. Brew is going to biopsy my left sentinel axillary node to determine whether or not cancer is threatening my lymphatic system.  If it is, then I may have to have radiation, which may change my reconstruction process.  But, let’s not focus on the “may” right now, as radiation sounds horrible, and I really, really, really hope I don’t have to do it.

Here’s more information about the lymphatic system and axillary node:

Susan G. Komen: Facts for Life Axillary Lymph Nodes

September 23, 2013:  Farewell, Boob.  Hello, Sarah Jessica Parker!


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