A Week Off

A Week Off

After last Friday’s second dose of Halaven, I am enjoying a week off.  This officially completes my first round of chemotherapy.  So far, it’s not nearly as horrible as I’d imagined.  (I’ve held off on posting that because I’m afraid my tune may too quickly change, and I don’t want to create some sort of jinx on my easier-than-expected battle.)

As far as long-term side effects go, I am pretty much in the week of truth; it seems like most of the longer-lasting side effects kick in around week three.  Although my nails have so far remained a normal color, and I can still feel my fingers and my toes, I did start losing a little hair last night and more today.  It’s nothing major (knock on wood), and it’s coming out evenly (knock, knock), and I have plenty of hair to lose (knock), but I will need to invest in a sticky roller sort of thing if my locks survive the weekend.

I am grateful to everyone who’s reached out.  I typically forget about the boob when I’m at work, but I am usually reminded the minute I get home and am able to rest.  Not having to worry about dinner has already been a blessing.  Mornings sometimes feel like I had a lot of fun the night before minus the “a lot of fun”.  Not having to worry about a lunch is a huge help.  When I feel a little out  in the unknown on my own, someone sends a card or kind message to remind me that I’m not alone.  Thank you.

(Another longer-lasting side effect of chemo is an incredibly soft heart and a particularly gushy vocabulary.)

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