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Helping Maurissa Reach Her Insurance Deductibles

Helping Maurissa Reach Her Insurance Deductibles

With all the things Maurissa has to worry about, the financial cost of her fight is one I hope to help her with.  While  Maurissa insists she can manage the costs involved,  I know her insurance has a very high deductible.  From the sounds of things, she has already reached the annual out of pocket maximum this month.  Unfortunately, her policy renews in July, and the deductible will be due again.

I trust Maurissa in her confidence of financial security but would like to ease her mind of any future worries.  I’ve started a donations account using Paypal in Maurissa’s name.   All funds will be given to Maurissa to help her pay for her insurance deductible.  The link to make a donation can be found on this post and on the sidebar of her blog.

Although I believe Maurissa may feel awkward accepting any help from her friends and family, I’ll be sure to force her to because I know she needs all of the help that she can get!

Thanks for all the great support and loving comments she’s received on her blog!

Get well Maurissa!

UPDATE 3/22/3013 – Maurissa has now received 20% of her deductibles! Thank you so much for the generosity and support! I also know a lot of her friends and family are helping with the cook off!