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It’s a Cancer Cook-off!

It’s a Cancer Cook-off!

I received some advice tonight that goes along perfectly with advice many of you have already given:  I need to ask for help BEFORE I need it, and I need to stock my freezer.

With chemo on the horizon, I’d like to stock my pantry and freezer with easy-to-prepare and portion meals of all varieties. So, I’m asking for help.

(This is very hard for me, by the way!)

There are a few ways that you can help, if you’d like.

1.  Reply to this post with some of your favorite, easy-to-portion, freezer-friendly recipes.  They can be anything from light soups or rice dishes for nauseous days to flavorful foods for days when everything seems to taste the same.  Apparently garlic, basil, horseradish, ginger, and green chilies are good for this.  Also, cool or refreshing foods for when my mouth is sensitive or sore.

Those of you who have been through chemo, please share food hints and/or recipes you found helpful.  I’m also going to stock my pantry, so please suggest anything that I should have on hand.

2.  You can cook for me.  I’ve been advised to ask for foods that I can easily freeze and portion.   Please use disposable dishes because I may not get to it for awhile, and I may forget which dish is yours.  I’ve heard soups, casseroles, marinaded light meats, and rice dishes are good.  I’m also supposed to eat a lot of vegetables.  Apparently, food I love may seem awful, and food I currently dislike may seem great, so create and share whatever sounds good to you!

I can pick up food, and I welcome deliveries.  I’ll be in Lakewood/Golden Thursday evening, the Wheat Ridge area Friday evening, Denver Saturday afternoon, and the Littleton area Monday afternoon.  Yeah, pre-treatment preparations are giving me a lovely tour of Denver.  Rayan works downtown, so he can pick something up in that area after work.

3. You can cook with me.  A friend sent me a great cookbook: “The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen”.  I plan to bust out and freeze some recipes this coming Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  I’ll be on Spring Break, so I can cook all day.  Anyone is welcome to join.  Bring extra takeaway dishes if you’d like to take some home.  Wine is obviously on the house for anyone cooking in my kitchen.

If you are unable to help out with food right now, but you would like to later, I know that I will probably make another food request as I get further into treatment.

Thank you all again and again for your support!!


Helping Maurissa Reach Her Insurance Deductibles

Helping Maurissa Reach Her Insurance Deductibles

With all the things Maurissa has to worry about, the financial cost of her fight is one I hope to help her with.  While  Maurissa insists she can manage the costs involved,  I know her insurance has a very high deductible.  From the sounds of things, she has already reached the annual out of pocket maximum this month.  Unfortunately, her policy renews in July, and the deductible will be due again.

I trust Maurissa in her confidence of financial security but would like to ease her mind of any future worries.  I’ve started a donations account using Paypal in Maurissa’s name.   All funds will be given to Maurissa to help her pay for her insurance deductible.  The link to make a donation can be found on this post and on the sidebar of her blog.

Although I believe Maurissa may feel awkward accepting any help from her friends and family, I’ll be sure to force her to because I know she needs all of the help that she can get!

Thanks for all the great support and loving comments she’s received on her blog!

Get well Maurissa!

UPDATE 3/22/3013 – Maurissa has now received 20% of her deductibles! Thank you so much for the generosity and support! I also know a lot of her friends and family are helping with the cook off!

Proverbs 31:25

Proverbs 31:25

I ran across this by chance yesterday. I think it’s meant for you.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” (Proverbs 31:25)

Something you are and something to hope for.

You are so loved!!

On top of this, I have to self-edit help with college my work to guarantee i`ve used strong sentence structure and produced a grammatically unflawed piece.

Can we name the boob?

Can we name the boob?

I’m really thinking this all important piece of anatomy needs a name.  Esmeralda? Hazel? This poor thing has to go through all this trauma and yet will not really have much of an identity.  What about Mabel?
Jeder Schnittpunkt eines Computersystems zum Internet ist ein potenzielles Einfallstor..