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How to Replace Eyebrows with Makeup!

How to Replace Eyebrows with Makeup!

Yes, it’s true, my brows are no more.  I still have some sweet tan lines where they used to be, and I know that many of you are quite jealous of that.  Being someone who never normally wore makeup prior to chemo, I’d like to share some surprisingly easy tips that really helped me create the illusion of eyebrows.


Here are the supplies that you will need in the order that you will use them.

1.  A good, angled eyebrow brush like this one:

Brow Brush


2.  Translucent powder

3. Brown and dark brown eye shadow – you will mix them, as brown tends to be too light for most people, and dark brown is too dark

4. A good brown/black eyebrow pencil and sharpener

5. Matte makeup sealer like this brow sealer from Bald Girls Do Lunch (AWESOME resource!):



If possible, practice going over your eyebrows with your eye shadow and a brush BEFORE your eyebrows completely fall out so that you can develop a natural idea of where they are supposed to be.  If they’ve already fallen out, chances are you have some very sexy tan lines that you can use as guides.  If you are lacking both brows and tan lines, don’t worry, the steps are still very easy to follow!

Once you have your supplies, follow this incredibly helpful video!  I really can’t take any credit for knowing how to create eyebrows out of makeup other than finding this great video and sharing it with you now.  Thanks to Carly’s EyelineHer blog, I now not only look like I have eyebrows, but I also feel a heck of a lot more confident than I did when they first started falling out.  I hope that you too find her video as helpful as I did!

At first, I didn’t think I’d be able to freehand the shape of eyebrows, but as Carly so beautifully points out in her video, eyebrows are not perfect!  (This is my new mantra, by the way, each time I find myself wanting to fuss over my makeup!)  I can now put them on pretty easily.

If freehand brows are too much to handle, try eyebrow stencils or a stencil mask.

Click on the photo to check out a tutorial from WonderHowTo.comuse-eyebrow-stencils.w654


Please post comments if you have any other tips or product leads.  Please also post your favorite makeup brushes, pencils, and powders.  I am still trying to narrow down products that I like, so I know that any recommendations will help me and others in need of makeup tips!


Take THAT Tumor B$&#%!

Take THAT Tumor B$&#%!

After a second MRI a few weeks ago, I am happy to report that my tumor shrunk a little over a centimeter on each side, and there isn’t any new growth.  My lymph nodes also still look pretty good.

Hell YES, Halaven! 

I’m enjoying a nice break between the Halaven and A/C.  I start A/C this coming Tuesday.  During my break, I was able to travel, thanks to Rayan and his very generous family.  I was also able to take some time to learn how to sport the headscarf, and I enjoyed being in international cities where I was often not alone as a woman with no visible hair and fabric on her head.  At home, I tend to get a but more attention, but it’s all very nice.  I’ve received a few hugs from strangers, blessings, prayers, and even a couple of knitted hats. One woman actually carries them in her bag for when she sees someone who might need one.

Here’s my favorite headscarf travel picture:


The bicycle scarf also looks quite nice on my head:




Cast Your Votes: Choose My Hair Adventure!

Cast Your Votes: Choose My Hair Adventure!

I’ve decided to cut my hair before I start chemo.  Yes, there is a chance it may not fall out, but that chance is very unlikely.  I’ve decided that cutting my hair short keeps this whole experience somewhat within my own control.  Overall, that will be far less mentally damaging than wondering “when” and “if” and possibly dealing with it actually coming out while it’s long.

So, I need your votes.  Which short hair cut should I go with?  I’m also considering messing with color; if it is going to fall out, it won’t happen right away, so I might as well have some fun.

Post your votes as comments.  Cast two votes: one on style and one on color.  Or, post links to other short cuts you’d suggest.

Tess and Katie A., if you see this, please let me know if any of these will not work well for my hair, which is fine and very full with some wave/curl.  Or, if any of these are actually the same cut but just styled differently.

:: 1 ::

Nylon Magazine's TV Issue Launch Party

:: 2 ::

Full Pixie Pixie Geldof

:: 3 ::

2011 Summer TCA Tour - Day 9

:: 4 ::

Textured Deep Parted Boycut

:: 5 ::

Textured Front Push Pixie

:: 6 ::

Vogue Fashion's Night Out Launches In Sydney

:: 7 ::


:: 8 ::


:: 9 ::


:: 10 ::

Straight and Smooth Pixie Emma Watson

I like the front, but I’d go shorter/less full on top and in the back.

To Wig or Not to Wig?

To Wig or Not to Wig?

Alright, I know that the medical side of things is the most important, but let’s be honest; I’m not excited about the cosmetic changes that will go along with my treatments.

Any suggestions about what I can do to best set myself up for hair loss?

Kelly and my stylist mentioned some hair loss prevention methods involving dry ice and something called a “cold cap”.

Emily remembers seeing one of the Kardashians go through some sort eyelash adhesive process that may last several months.

Another friend who also went through this said that she would not shave her head right away if she were to do it all over again.

My aunt and uncle very wisely pointed out that once this gets started, all I’ll really care about is being comfortable.

With all of this to consider, Laura and I went to my first wig shop this afternoon, and it was a surprisingly good experience.  There are some pretty incredible options out there.  And, I discovered that I make a decent looking blond and an even better looking redhead.  Ultimately, if I go with a wig, I want to choose something of quality that will make me feel as much like myself as possible.  I also think it’d be fun to have a playful back-up wig or two.  I’m thinking long and wavy Ariel under-the-sea locks.  Or, perhaps a Farrah Fawcett flip. Yes?  Yes.

Then, there’s the question of if and when to cut my hair.  The idea of waking up to a pillow full of my own hair or pulling it out in the shower or embarrassingly shedding in public or while standing in front of thirty teenagers is pretty much mortifying.  I did the whole pixie thing in my early twenties, so I know that I can rock that look if I have to.  But, what if it doesn’t all fall out, or only a little falls out, and I cut it all off for nothing?

Any advice and/or opinions would be great!  Funny wig ideas, celebrities I should mimic, and/or ridiculously painful beauty tips are obviously welcome.