April 22nd :: I’ve Always Wanted to be a Redhead

April 22nd :: I’ve Always Wanted to be a Redhead

NOTE:  I meant to post this a couple of days ago and spaced it.  So, here’s what was happening a couple of days ago.  I’ll whip up a nice little post to fill you in on what’s happening today very soon. 


Well, it’s official: I have a receding hairline.  Perhaps one might even call it a frontal bald spot. I’m sorry to announce that the combover is no longer effective.

I can get away with a cute hippy headband tomorrow, and then it’s off with the hair.  I bet it could last maybe another week, but I don’t want to fuss over it anymore.

The wig will have a dress rehearsal tomorrow afternoon around town and my house, and then her official debut will commence at school Wednesday.  We’ll know that she’s a keeper when my students compliment my “new color”.  My stylist is going to cut it like my hair; she’s been cutting my hair for over a year now, so I trust that she’ll make it look really, really freaking synthetic red hair good.

For inspiration, here are three unforgettable redheads:


Ariel is a Disney princess. Obviously, her hair is beautiful. Look how full it is under the sea.




What? You don’t remember Dr. Beverly Crusher???

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