Already Made

Already Made

Well, the wig fooled my students for about four minutes.  After complimenting the color, a girl pointed out that I never usually style my hair, and it looks good styled.  Another girl then asked me if it was real.  The wig apparently looks TOO good.

I’ll let you be the judge:


So, I was very surprisingly made; I really did think I’d fool them.  Or, at the very least, I thought they wouldn’t say anything about it if they suspected something.  BUT these are seventeen-year-olds who stare at me four days a week every week, so I suppose I shouldn’t be that surprised.

Looking back, I’m pretty sure I could have played it off as just being “fresh out of the salon styled”, but I sort of froze, and that gave me away.  When I told the class that yes, this is a wig because I have breast cancer, they were dead silent.  That was incredibly uncomfortable and slightly amusing.  Another girl broke the silence by exclaiming that I was joking because I was smiling, and I couldn’t possibly have cancer and smile about it.  That kicked me back into teacher mode, and I was able to actually facilitate a brief but  good explanation of what exactly I have going on and why I chose to keep it from them until today.  They loosened up and asked some questions, and then we moved on.

After a chance to process the day, I am glad that my students know, and I look forward to the wig jokes.  They asked me to “rock the bald”, but I let them know that I would prefer to keep the distractions to a minimum and that the wig helps me feel more like myself.  Plus, bald is cold, and it’d be unprofessional to teach in a hat.

Speaking of rocking the bald, my stylist was able to give me a fun transition cut so that I wouldn’t have to experience the shock of the shave quite yet:


I didn’t have quite enough hair for cut #7, the most popular cut from my short haircut post, but I think she did a great job.  You should see the faux hawk.  But, you won’t.

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