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The Cancer Fighting Kitchen

The Cancer Fighting Kitchen

Cancer Fighting Kitchen


I’ve got to start this book recommendation with props to Amber:  Thank you for this awesome cookbook; it’s really helped me through these last few rounds of chemo!

If you are also dealing with or about to deal with chemo, then I recommend that you get your hands on Rebecca Katz’s The Cancer Fighting Cookbook, gather some friends, and have a cancer cook-off to stock your freezer full of chemo-friendly, cancer-fighting foods.

Although the recipes can be a bit complicated, they are worth the effort, as things do taste significantly better, and I can tell that I’m getting meaningful nourishment, even when I’m not eating as much as I know that I should.  The recipes are also easy to simplify and come with modification suggestions.

I also got a lot out of the introduction that has a comprehensive list of common chemo side-effects and how to tackle them with the specific recipes within the book.  There is also a list of how certain foods and spices, many of which you probably already eat, may help keep your cancer at bay.

Although I have not tried all of the recipes in the book, here are some that I’ve found helpful during chemo:

Magic Mineral Broth (Page 54)

This one was the biggest investment, but it was worth it.  Katz calls for it in other recipes (you can sub out a store-bought broth if you don’t have time for this), and I can really tell the difference in the soups.  I also froze individual servings, which has been great for the days when sipping a broth is about all that I can do.

Lemony Greek Chicken Soup (Page 60)

This has a lot of sustenance, and the flavor’s really good, especially when I have a metallic taste in my mouth from the chemo.

Rockin’ Black Bean Soup (Page 71)

This also has a forward flavor, which is great when things are tasting bland.  I simplified this one by using canned beans, and it turned out well.

Creamy Broccoli and Potato Soup (Page 75)

I really like the sustenance that this provides, but when I make it again, I will spice it up a lot more.  I found it to be kind of bland, so I  will add some more black pepper or maybe some garlic.

Tuscan Farro and Bean Salad (Page 107)

Orange Ginger Roasted Chicken (Page 117)

This is a good one not only for when you’re feeling up for something a bit more hearty, but it also appeals to family and caregivers.  The last time that I made this, I used the leftovers to make a flavorful chicken soup. As the book suggests, you can also use the carcass to make a chicken broth.

Almond Muffin Mania (Page 192)

Coconut Rice Pudding (Page 198)

I hope that you find my suggestions useful and get a chance to take a look at this helpful cookbook.

If you try some other recipes in this book or make different modifications, then please post your suggestions!

The Boob Update (Abridged)

The Boob Update (Abridged)

Yeah, it’s been awhile, so there is quite a bit to tell.   For now, here’s an abridged version of my boob update, and I’ll write some more detailed posts soon!

1.  Chemo blows, but I’m almost done.  I have my last treatment next Friday, which means only a few more weeks of random spells of nausea, having the energy of a sloth, dealing with a brain full of fog, and things tasting really weird a lot of the time.

2.  OK, so I was being a bit dramatic in #1 because I’ve managed to start school, and despite a few hang-ups – did I mention hot flashes? – it’s actually going pretty well.  My new colleagues are super supportive, I am teaching classes with which I am familiar, and I am confident it will be a good year.

3. I got a sweet new wig:

Yes, those are margarita fixings in the background.  So, it really isn't THAT bad!

Yes, those are margarita fixings in the background. So, it really isn’t THAT bad!

4.  I will have my double mastectomy the week of September 23rd (still working out the schedule between my breast surgeon and plastic surgeon), and I will also begin the reconstruction process at that time.  I will post more about surgery soon.

5. So, it turns out that boobs can be a lot like hair when it comes to this whole cancer thing; you get to go shopping.  I’ve always liked Sarah Jessica Parker’s:

Sarah J P 1


Any other suggestions?

6. Although I have not had an MRI since my last one, my oncologist and I can feel that the tumor is still shrinking.  I will have another MRI within the next few weeks to officially confirm that the bitch is going down.

More details to come soon!